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Here we have a recent publication, provided by client Electricity North West about the "Crash" cameras we installed in their fleet vehicles:

"The image below shows the aftermath of a road traffic accident.  Looking at the image – who do you think is at fault?  Is it our fault? The other driver’s? Or is the blame 50:50?  Where on the road was the impact?

Unfortunately, from this image alone, we cannot be 100% of the answers to these questions and after weeks of negotiations with the insurance companies we would probably settle 50:50. However, if you watch the footage on the following link, from the ‘crash’ camera installed in our colleague’s vehicle, this is all the evidence we need.


617 vehicles have had these forward facing cameras installed so far in all vehicles in our commercial fleet. Graham Davies, Transport Manager, said: “The footage from this camera shows just how well these cameras work in defending our drivers against the dangerous driving of other drivers on the road. Without this evidence it would have been difficult for us to prove what had happened and that our colleague was not to blame.

Electricity North West have linked up with our crash camera installation provider, JY Autos. These cameras can be installed at any location within the North West that is convenient for you. For further information, please contact 01706 220555, alternatively please visit their website www.JYGroup.co.uk"


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