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Experience freedom and control with our range of hand controls and driving adaptations.

In addition to our range of hand controls, we provide a wide range of driving aids. Many of these are suitable for non-disabled drivers, for example, those with short legs or weaker limbs.

Push Pull Brake and Accelerator Hand Controls

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Easy To Use & Ergonomic.

The push/pull brake and accelerator hand control is one of the most stress free and effective designs currently available.

To operate, simply push to brake and pull to accelerate.

Ghost Under Ring Accelerator

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Easy & Safe Acceleration

Easy and safe acceleration - The ghost under ring accelerator sits neatly under the steering wheel and allows acceleration by using a rotary motion. The ring can be rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise and allows the driver to accelerate whilst keeping both hands safely on the strong wheel.

Very little pressure is required to operate the ghost under ring accelerator and it has also been carefully designed not to interfere with the airbags operation.

Unobtrusive Design

The high quality and inconspicuous nature of this product means that when fitted, the ring is barely visible.

Under Ring Accelerator

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Ideal for Users with Limited Dexterity

Ideal for users with limited dexterity. The electronic under ring accelerator sits neatly under the steering wheel and allows those with limited dexterity to safely accelerate.

Simple & Safe

The under ring accelerator is easy and simple to use, only requiring a pull action to ensure efficient acceleration. This product has been specifically designed so that it does not interfere in anyway with the airbags operation.

Inconspicuous Design

The quality design of the product allows it to sit unobtrusively in your vehicle and blends in with the cars own interior.

Over Ring Accelerator

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Designed for Users with Limited Dexterity

Ideal for users with limited dexterity. The electronic over ring accelerator sits neatly above the steering wheel allowing those with limited dexterity to easily accelerate.

Push to Accelerate

As one of the most advance driving adaptations the over ride accelerator provides effortless control of the cars acceleration. Perfect for everyday use, it is non-tiring and very simple to use. This product requires only a light push action to ensure efficient and safe acceleration.

Ergonomic, Discreet & Safe

The high quality attractive leather exterior allows the ring to sit unobtrusively in your vehicle and blend in with your cars own interior. Its ergonomic and robust design ensures that the ring is comfortable to handle and use. Then over ring accelerator has been designed to ensure that it does not interfere with your vehicles airbag system.

Wireless Secondary Operations

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Innovative Control Unit

Commonly known as infra-red controls, the secondary units work by using wireless technology. These units are designed to provide an invaluable secondary control system for the various electrical support functions on your vehicle.  The wireless unit facilities the easy and efficient control of the horn, indicators, lights, front and rear wipers, hazard lights, front and rear windscreen washers and much more.

The units are positioned in a convenient location to you on the steering wheel on either the quick release steering ball or on a lollipop style grip. The unit, when in position will not hinder the operation of the steering wheel air bag. It can be used by either right or left handed users, providing simple control of the secondary functions. The keypads use a lithium battery which will last over 2 years and features a low battery warning light.

Other models are available for front button gear shifts.

Steering Wheel Spinners

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Comprehensive Range to Suit all Needs

We provide a comprehensive range to suit all needs.

We offer an extensive range of Spinners which attach to the steering wheel to facilitate the efficient and safe manoeuvring of the steering wheel with one hand. Our range includes the peg, ball, tripod, flat and upright quad, glove and peg. The most commonly used is the mushroom steering spinner.

The mushroom steering spinner is the most superior steering spinner currently in the marketplace. Its luxurious grip and ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to handle. It has a specially engineered top which releases from its base by simply pressing a button on its side, making this quick release product a must have adaptation for your vehicle.

Radial Brake & Accelerator Hand Control

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Functional & User-Friendly

The easy to use radial brake and accelerator hand hontrol is another variation of the push-pull Brake and Accelerator. Its simple and lightweight design is ideal for users that may struggle to pull the lever to accelerate. In this instance, instead of pushing to brake and pulling to accelerate, the user would push to brake and pivot downwards to accelerate.

The radial brake and accelerator has been configured to fit every make and model so you can be confident that its perfectly adapted to your vehicle.

Automatic Clutch for Manual Cars

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Ingenious Design

The automatic clutch allows you to use the clutch on a manual car at the press of a button. The button is located on the end of the gear stick, turning a manual car into a semi-automatic. The automatic clutch is designed to allow a left leg amputee to drive any manual car or a double leg amputee to drive when combined with the brake/accelerator hand controls.

The automatic clutch is easy to use and allows comfortable clutch control. The compact clutch drive assembly is conveniently located under the dashboard adjacent to the clutch pedal and is connected to the electronic control unit.  The module measures the vehicle speed and current position of the accelerator and clutch pedals via the electronic control unit. Based on the measured values, the module moves the clutch pedal to the optimum position. It comes with three memory settings that can be set to your preferred driving conditions, for example, bad weather, steep hills and roads.

Accelerator Only Hand Control

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The Original & Best Hand Control

The accelerator only hand controls is one of the simplest and most effective designs currently available. To use, simply pull the control towards you to accelerate. Suitable for all makes and models of cars.

Brake Only Hand Controls Push to Brake

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The Original & Most Popular Brake only Hand Control

The brake only hand control is a very simple yet effective design. To use, simply push the controls away from you to brake. Suitable for all makes and models of cars.

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