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We offer an extensive range of driving aids which have been specifically designed to ensure that disabled drivers can achieve increased independence.

For the shorter driver, we recommend our range of pedal extensions which facilitate easy and convenient access. Whilst the easy release hand brake and gearshift provide a perfect and stress free alternative for elderly or weaker drivers.

Indicator Switch

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Safe & Efficient

The indicator switch is lightweight and simple to use and fits every make and model of car.  It allows the driver to switch from the left to the right indicator without having to take their hand off the hand controls, therefore potentially increasing the overall safety, performance and driving confidence.

Convenient Position

The switch is mounted in the end of the hand controls lever, which is covered by a comfort grip. The switch has 3 positions , left indicator, off, and right indicator. Should you wish to use the standard indicator stalk, you simply leave the indicator switch in the off position and the standard stalk will operate the indictors.

All New Self Cancelling Indicator Switch

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Utilising Brand New Technology

Like the original, the new indicator switch still allows the driver to easily switch from left to right indicator without having to release the steering wheel. But thanks to a technological innovation, the new indicator switch will now self-cancel.

Safe & Innovative

Once the indicator has been activated it will flash for 20 seconds in the selected direction and then self-cancel, allowing the drivers focus to remain on the road ahead. On most cars the switch can be installed so that the indicator will flash indefinitely whilst the breaks are applied. Then once the brakes are released, the indicators will continue to flash for a further 8 seconds before self-cancelling. This should give the driver time to complete the current manoeuvre safely before the indicators cancel.

Comfortable & Convenient

The switch is accessibly mounted in the end of the hand control lever, which is covered by a comfort grip. It is fully compatible with the push pull brake and accelerator hand controls.

Pedal Guards

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The pedal guards are an ideal product for a driver who suffers from muscle spasms in their legs. The pedal guards prevent the drivers feet from becoming trapped or from obstructing the operation of one or more pedals.

The pedal guard is available as a full guard or as half pedal guard 

Pedal Extensions

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Ideal for Short or Disabled Drivers

The pedal extensions have been specifically designed for short or disabled drivers to ensure that they can safely reach and use the vehicles pedals without stretching or strain. This driving aid brings drivers approximately 90mm (3.5 inches) closer to the driver seat.

Universal Fit

The pedal extensions will fit all cars and are available for both manual and automatic vehicles. Also available as a single pedal.

Easily Installed & Safe

The pedal extensions simply bolt onto the existing pedals. Once fitted, it allows the driver to sit further back into the seat. The pedal extensions make driving safer as the driver is further away from the airbag and will not be hurt by the airbag deployment in the event of an emergency.

Indicator Extension

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Simple & Effective Design

Suitable for left or right handed use, the Indicator extension consists of a metal rod which has been formed to extend the function of the indictor lever. With this device the indicator will now stretch across to the opposite side of the steering wheel, therefore, releasing the drivers hand that would normally be used to trigger the indicator lever. The Indictor Extension allows you to switch both of your indicators and high beams off.

Adjustable Length & Angle

The extension can be made to the exact length or angle that you require.

Easy to Install

The Indicator has been designed to fit every make and model of car. It requires no modifications to the standard indicator stalk as it simply bolts on, leaving no permanent alterations to the vehicle.

Easy Release Handbrake

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Perfect for Drivers with Limited Dexterity

The high quality easy release hand brake does exactly that, it makes it easier to apply and release the hand brake. The front handle pivots to depress the small button on the handbrake that many people with arthritic conditions or limited dexterity find difficult to operate.

Flexible Design

The easy release handbrake has been designed to be fitted into any make and model of car. It is lightweight and comfortable to use, making you wonder how you ever managed without it.

Easy Release Gearstick

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Suitable for Drivers with Limited Dexterity

The quick release gearstick is an ingenious design that allows the user to change gear on an automatic car with ease. This adaption is particularly suited to people with arthritic conditions or limited dexterity who find it difficult to press the button.

Easy to use

To change gear on an automatic vehicle, you simply hold the comfort handle of the gear shift release and apply light pressure towards the passenger seat to press the release button.

Then you pull or push the gear lever into the required gear. Once the lever is in the correct gear, you then release the comfort handle. The vehicle is then in the chosen gear ready to drive.

Other models are available for front button gear shifts.

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